What does Alumni mean?

Alumni is a popular name ( Latin „custody“, „protege“ ) for former students of some higher education institution. Alumni ( Latin plural „alumnus“ ) means to be former disciple of some institution, mostly university, who remains connected to it. Alumni are very common unions worldwide, and have a long-standing tradition on some universities.

The aims of Alumni club

The main aim is to establish and maintain the relationship between faculties and graduated students as well as to enforce the cooperation between faculties, companies and organizations they are employed in. University PIM Banja Luka tends to establish permanent connection with its graduate students and inform them about all the development plans and study programs, and also include all those who want to help faculty development. In that sense, the communication with graduate students is one of the most important tasks not only related to their wishes and needs ( studying or finding jobs ) but also to their own opinions about the studies themselves ( their suggestions and observations ). 

Former students can influence designing the development strategy of the Faculty, profiling new curricula, helping the advertising and the promotion of the Faculty itself.

We have to emphasize the importance of cooperation between the Faculty and the companies where our former students are employed in, which means to draw the attention of potential employers to give jobs to our future graduates.

Main aims of Alumni club of University PIM are:

  • Establishing and maintaining the relationship between the Faculty and its students after finishing studies; 
  • Connecting all former students through friendships and experience exchanges; 
  • Developing the cooperation between the Faculty and companies or organizations where our former students are employed in; 
  • Exchanging professional and business information between the members of the association; 
  • Promoting and improving the Faculty activities;
  • Connecting University PIM and business community;
  • Establishing cooperation with other Alumni organizations from the country and surroundings;
  • Advisory support from graduated students for improving the work of University and implementing more efficient scientific research to the University;
  • Employment assistance for the members of the association; 


You can become a member of Alumni students organization of University PIM by finishing some of the study programs of the University filling in the membership application form for Alumni students organization, whereby you accept the aims, rights and obligations of Alumni students organization established by legal acts. You can send all the inquiries on the email address alumni@univerzitetpim.com.

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